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The Poetry Box.

Oupoco is also the Poetry Box. Thanks to the Atelier Raffard-Roussel, a portable device has been designed to allow all populations to have access to poetry. "If you can't come to Oupoco, Oupoco will come to you".

The Poetry Box is a low-energy device for experimenting with the principle of generating poetry from existing poems. The Box is autonomous and is powered by a manual crank, following the principle that "just because the generation is automatic, it doesn't mean that nothing needs to be done". Once the sonnet is generated, it is displayed on a low-resolution screen integrated into the device.

The Boîte à poésie respects the dimensions of Queneau's book. It can be seen at the Atelier Raffard-Roussel, and at certain poetry or ophthalmic events, but generally without balsamic vinegar.

Go and have a look at the Atelier Raffard-Roussel. It's worth the diversions!